Swimming School Stages

Ta Qali Pool

Guppy - Stage 1


– Basic movement skills in water
– Confidence in the water
– Develop safe entry into the water i.e. entering/exiting
– Travelling forwards and backwards for 5m
– Rotation to regain upright position
– Swimmers will use aids e.g. noodles
– Swimming Independently

Sea Turtle - Stage 2

Ta Qali Pool Turtle Stage

– Develop safe entries including submersion
– Travel up to 7m on the front and back independently
– Rotation skills in the water
– Refining kick technique for freestyle and bacstroke
– Introduction to breaststroke kick
– Swimming 7m freestyle & backstroke independently
– Assessed unassisted

Manta Ray - Stage 3

Manta Ray

– Develop diving technique
– Kicking up to 10m freestyle, backstroke & breaststroke
– Prone to supine (and vice versa) rotation in the water
– Swimming 10m freestyle, backstroke & breaststroke

Sea Otter - Stage 4

Sea Otter Ta Qali Pool

– Understanding of preparation before exercise (warm up)
– Develop sculling and treading water skills
– Develop tumble turns
– Develop effective techniques i.e. breathing
– Develop butterfly kick using flippers
– Swimming 25m of freestyle / backstroke / breast stroke

Seal - Stage 5


– Refining preparation before exercise
– Refining sculling and treading water skills
– Complete rotations in water (tumble turns)
– Understanding of butterfly technique
– Develop effective stroke starts in all 4 strokes
– Swimming 50m of front crawl/backstroke/breast stroke
– Swimming 25m butterfly

Orca - Stage 6

Ta Qali Pool Orca

– Develop quality of strokes for up to 100m
РImprove technique freestyle, breast stroke, back stroke and butterfly
– An introduction to endurance training
– Continue developing tumble turns while swimming
– Introduction to stroke finishes