• Swimming caps must be worn at all times. We reserve the right to refuse entry in the water if student is not wearing a cap. This is required as per health and hygiene regulations.

  • PARENTS will not be allowed on the pool deck unless they are wearing overshoes at all times. We go to great lengths to maintain the pool deck clean and germ free, and your co-operation in the matter is greatly appreciated.

  • NO Pushchairs or strollers are allowed on deck.

  • Changing rooms – Boys up to 8 years of age only are allowed to use the women’s changing rooms and showers accompanied by a female parent/guardian. Same rules apply for girls/parents using the men’s changing rooms and showers. Children between 9years and 14years, have to use the same sex changing room and showers. If accompanied by a parent, the parent also needs to be of the same sex when using these facilities. From 14+, the adult changing rooms and showers are to be used at all times.

  • All applications must be submitted with payment by the indicated closing date prior to the commencement of each course. A separate application must be completed for each term. Subscription to a course is not automatically carried forward from one term to the next. All applications are treated on a first come first served basis, and paid applications will be given priority.

  • Please note that lessons missed by children during the term can only be recovered in the same term; (only if space is available) Lessons missed cannot be recovered in the next course.

  • There can be no refunds for any lessons missed.

  • No Children can enroll on a lesson to lesson basis.

  • Children can only swim during the lesson under the guidance of their teacher. Children cannot enter the water prior to the commencement of the lesson, nor should they remain in the water after the lesson comes to an end.

  • The duration of each class is one hour.

  • The MFA Swimming School will place swimmers in appropriate classes based on their ability.

  • The MFA Swimming School reserves the right to change the time of lessons if there are not enough applicants

  • Children are promoted to the next group providing they reach the required criteria which will be assessed by the coaches at the end of the course.

  • Coach to Swimmer Ratios

    a. Guppy Group: 1:5
    b. Sea Turtle Group: 1:6
    c. Sea Otter Group: 1:10

    d. Orca Group: 1:10

The above has been put forward to maintain the necessary level of organization for the MFA Swimming School lessons to be in line with the National Health and Safety measures.